Type EP-PU Flooring systems

EP- and PU flooring systems could be different in thickness; the top layer(s) depend(s) on the loading of floor. Depending on the requirements and wishes of the client, KERIUM can deliver:
  • Design flooring systems
  • Coating flooring systems
  • Floating flooring systems
  • Mortar flooring systems
  • ESD flooring systems

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Balconies / Walk ways

A balcony or walk way becomes an extra load for influence of weather and sun (UV-radiation). The possibility of damage of the concrete attacks the concrete, cracking and water leakage. Therefore it is important balconies and walkways have to be applied of a good and durable flooring system. KERIUM has developed a number of systems based on polyurethane , also crack bridging and/or rapid systems. These floorings can be applied with a maintain friendly topcoat.

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Design flooring

Every company has its own style and way of presenting. It reflects on all communication tools of the company. The floor can support the image of your company by choice of material and design, too. EP-and PU products have many possibilities to realize such a floor. It will be pleasure for KERIUM to give you advice in making your choice.

KERIUM cold ceramic mortar flooring

Besides synthetic flooring systems, KERIUM has developed a cold ceramic mortar to make very strong industrial floorings.

These mortar floors are resistant to:

  • heavy mechanical
  • chemical
  • high temperature

The mortar consists of two components. The dry part has mineral additives and sand. The liquid is based on anorganic polymers..

After mixing of both components, the mortar hardens to a cold ceramic covering floor.

The following mortar types are available:

  • KERIUM M 101: mortar floor standard
  • KERIUM M 301: mortar floor chemical resistant
  • KERIUM M 701: mortar floor for workshops
  • KERIUM M 801: mortar floor antistatic (A-S)
  • KERIUM M 901: mortar for brickwork

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Special flooring systems

KERISIL TOP, the perfect finishing:
Concrete hardening with excellent protection for concrete floors Surface - dust free and simple to maintain

Balconies / Walk ways
A balcony or walk way becomes an extra load for influence of weather and sun (UV-radiation).

Design flooring
The esthetical outlay for design floorings in shops, public halls and factories are in great demand.

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