Fluid tight floorings

Do you know if your existing floor is fluid tight? Many companies faces this question. It is an important issue, because in all cases the floor should be upgraded to the rules of protection of environment. KERIUM has the knowledge and experience to upgrade your floor for certification.

Law Environmental Control

Concerning the law of Environmental Control the floor needs fluid tight facilities, in that cases people work with soil polluting products. A fluid tight floor protects the soil to leakages and pollution with used materials.

Advice / Application

KERIUM assesses the floor based on CUR/PBV- Recommendation 44 (Dutch standard), by which all parts of the floor will be inspected. We pay attention to:

  • corrosion / adverse effect of the floor
  • floor –wall connections / passages
  • penetration in the floor
  • crack forming of the floor
  • drainage c.q. slope of the floor
  • stitch of the sub floor
  • handicaps which endanger the fluid tightness of the floor/li>

Based on our inspection we will advise you and make an offer for the work. Upon receiving the order, KERIUM will execute the project.


After execution of the project the floor will be inspected by an independent certified inspector of the Association ODI/VDV.

In the meantime KERIUM has many satisfied clients, which we summit an PBV-Certification
Do you want more information about the Certification, please contact us

Special flooring systems

KERISIL TOP, the perfect finishing:
Concrete hardening with excellent protection for concrete floors Surface - dust free and simple to maintain

Balconies / Walk ways
A balcony or walk way becomes an extra load for influence of weather and sun (UV-radiation).

Design flooring
The esthetical outlay for design floorings in shops, public halls and factories are in great demand.

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