is the perfect finishing layer for concrete floors; it is a colourless impregnating liquid with an excellent depth protection for concrete and cement bounded floors, based on silicone compounds.

During the polymerisation the KERISIL TOP component reacts on the calcium in the concrete, through with the capillary pores lock completely and create a hardened top layer. Depending of the quality of the concrete the build up massive top layer has a thickness of ca 8-15 mm.
After treatment the floor surface has a rock hardness, is dust free, wear resistant and good fluid tight. KERISIL TOP has a liquid repellent effect. KERISIL TOP reduces frost harm and is UV-radiation resistant. KERISIL TOP can be applied on humidity sub floors; after application the floor is directly passable. Fresh poured concrete treated with KERISIL TOP –directly after pouring- does not need curing compound. The KERISIL TOP flooring system has an antistatic effect, is chemical resistant against organic solvent products. After treatment with KERISIL TOP the maintenance of the floor is very friendly.


  • Durable protection
  • dust free concrete floors
  • better wear- resistant
  • liquid resistant
  • chemical resistant
  • easy to maintain

Application areas:

  • logistic centres / stores
  • parking houses / service stations
  • dairy industry / cool stores
  • steel industry, workshops
  • chemical and synthetic industry
  • agriculture industry
  • utilities
  • greenhouses and horticulture

Outdoor Application Advantages:

  • 'decreasing rapid chloride migration coefficient
  • less growing of moss and alga
  • resists acid rain

PBV certification

Concrete floors, applied by KERSIL TOP, could receive a PBV-Certification, a ‘fluid tight’ certification.

KERISIL TOP: concrete hardener,  liquid repellent
KERISIL AGRO: agrarian industry
KERISIL TOP Plus ‘Polish’:  polished concrete floors


By monolithic treating concrete floors, the KERISIL TOP can be applied almost directly after finishing, instead of using curing compound. By the polymerisation process of the KERISIL TOP, components generate a dense top layer, which contains the water in the concrete for the hardening process of the concrete.

The sub floor of the existing concrete has to be clean and fat free. In case of a coating layer on the sub floor, this layer has to be cleaned by sanding. After this the floor will be treated by KERISIL TOP. Cracks not wider than >0.3 mm.

The application of KERISIL TOP asks specialized knowledge. The application temperature is minimum 2ºC.

1-3 hours after application the floor is ready for use, you can walk and work over it.


Concrete floors treated with KERISIL TOP are better to maintain than untreated ones. Use KERISIL Cleaner to maintain your floor after that.

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Special flooring systems

KERISIL TOP, the perfect finishing:
Concrete hardening with excellent protection for concrete floors Surface - dust free and simple to maintain

Balconies / Walk ways
A balcony or walk way becomes an extra load for influence of weather and sun (UV-radiation).

Design flooring
The esthetical outlay for design floorings in shops, public halls and factories are in great demand.

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